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The microwave oven makes our lives much more comfortable and enjoyable in terms of food preparation and heating right in our kitchens. You can do many things to make sure your microwave is in the best condition possible. You can clean it, replace its door seal, or adjust its turntable.

However, even with all of this microwave maintenance, your home appliance still might not work properly and require expert microwave repair technicians.

If your microwave isn’t working, you are experiencing discomfort and stress. Don’t worry, our experts are the best in the field of microwave repair service.

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The microwave repair experts at WeFix are committed to providing you with the highest level of microwave repair service. Our unmatched customer service and competitive rates set us apart from the rest. We offer a same-day microwave repair service, so you don’t miss a beat on your microwave. If your microwave is broken or needs maintenance, you need professional microwave repair help. Call us at (727)349-3349 and we will come to your rescue at once.

Most Common Microwave Problems We Fix

  • touchpad doesn’t respond
  • unusual noise
  • microwave doesn’t shut off
  • no heat
  • it won’t turn on
  • door not closing properly
  • door stuck closed
  • or any problem you may have


Microwave Brands We Repair

At WeFix Appliance Repair, we have expert microwave repair technicians that have expertise repairing all brands and makes of microwave oven, including:

  • Amana
  • Ge
  • Frigidaire
  • Bosch
  • Electrolux
  • Whirlpool
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • KitchenAid
  • Maytag
  • Kenmore

Trusted Microwave Repair Experts in Pinellas County and Tampa Bay

We know that you have a busy life, so we try to make the process as easy and convenient for you as possible. We offer our microwave repair services for residential customers!

No matter what model of microwave oven you have, we can fix any brand, any model, be it older machines or brand-new models. Our precise and accurate microwave repair service is guaranteed to fix your home appliance the first time around. We have all of the necessary tools and skills for microwave repair, so you can always expect a top-quality job done by our microwave repair technicians.

We are the ones to be trusted. Our quotes are fixed and fair. Unlike other microwave repair service providers, we never charge our customers extra money. We always do our best to keep our promise in terms of the time needed for work to be done and the money you will have to pay after the work is done.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Included in Microwave Repair Services?

A top to bottom inspection is carried out by a highly qualified microwave repair technician to diagnose the root cause of the problem. After a detailed microwave repair quote will be prepared that includes the cost of parts and labor.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Microwave Oven?

The average cost of repairing a microwave oven is about $150, including parts and repair, with a range of between $50 and $400, depending on the broken part, model, and brand.

What Makes Microwave Repairs to be Expensive?

The cost of microwave repair depends on the materials and labor required to complete the repair. The costs are often high not because of the technicalities of the issues, but because most parts of the appliance are usually very expensive.

Is it Worth Having a Microwave Oven Repaired?

If you have a basic model that costs about $60, replacement may be the best option. Expensive models, especially the mounted ones or those with special features, are worth repairing. Most of these high-end microwaves can cost up to $1,000, so repairing them will be way cheaper than replacement.

How Long Do Microwave Repairs Take?

Our microwave repair technicians are always on time and can repair your microwave even within a day, if not hours, depending on the nature and parts damaged. They use advanced diagnostics to locate the source of the issues quickly and sometimes use existing materials for repairs. If the appliance requires new parts, the specialists usually get them delivered and fixed in half the average industry time.

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