fridge repair

Often the single most used appliance in the kitchen is the refrigerator, and when you open it to find the light doesn’t turn on or the motor hasn’t been powering up like it should, it can be a real headache. No one wants their food to spoil! So how can you address a refrigerator that isn’t cooling?

How To Minimize Fridge Damages

To minimize damage while you inspect the fridge, keep the door closed as long as possible to preserve the cold and keep your foodstuffs preserved. The first step is to confirm the fridge is receiving power. A flipped circuit breaker or a malfunctioning outlet might be the root of the problem.

Confirm the thermostat within the fridge hasn’t been turned all the way down, as this can give the illusion of a malfunction when a simple turn of the knob can clear things right up. And check that the doors have been closing properly and the sealant is still intact to keep the cold in.

Additionally, a malfunctioning door-closing sensor may be to blame, not recognizing when the door is closed so not activating the fridge’s cooling motors; this can be noticed if there is power flowing to the fridge but the light doesn’t activate when opened.

A common cause of a non-cooling fridge is dirty coils on the back or under it. Unclog them with a good cleaning to make sure the fridge runs at maximum efficiency.

Other Fridge Problems That May Occur

There are some other issues that may require a more professional touch to get your fridge running properly again. For instance, a malfunctioning condenser fan can result in a lot of noise while not cooling the contents within. In a situation like this, professionals like WeFix Appliance Repair will be happy to help your fridge get back to full functionality!