wine cooler repair
Wine coolers are an excellent addition to your home as they keep all your vintage bottles at the right temperature all year long. Over time, the appliance may not function as perfectly as you'd like. When you notice that your wine cooler is not cooling as required anymore, we advise that you seek wine cooler repair services before you decide to replace the wine cooler. Let's see why!

Wine Cooler Lifespan

Generally, wine coolers should last about 9-13 years with proper maintenance. Replacements for a wine cooler range anywhere from $150-$2000. With the durability figures, the reason it’s making noise or not cooling properly may not mean it needs a replacement. It probably has issues that you can solve with the help of affordable wine cooler repair services.  

Issues Affecting Wine Cooler

Your wine cooler could be working incorrectly for various reasons. They include:

Improper Location

When the room you place your wine cooler in is too warm, it may not work as required. Causes of warmth may include exposure to direct sunlight or overcrowding.


When you place the wine cooler too close to a wall, you limit its ventilation, reducing its condensation capability.

Malfunctioning Fan

The fans are responsible for making your wine cooler condense as required. Luckily, you can repair the problem yourself.

Faulty Condensers

The condensers can also make your wine cooler warm when they malfunction. You can replace them and have your wine cooler working perfectly again.

Clogged Drain Line 

The drain line may clog over time as you continue using your wine cooler. Experts from wine cooler repair services will unclog the lines to restore your wine cooler’s efficiency.

Reliable Wine Cooler Repair

At We Fix Appliance Repair, we offer professional same-day appliance repair that will help restore your wine cooler to its normal state. Call us on (727) 349-3349 or book our services online.